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SR Telecom
While many technologies currently available for fixed broadband wireless can only provide line of sight (LOS) coverage, the technology behind WiMAX has been optimized to provide excellent non line of sight (NLOS) coverage. WiMAX's advanced technology provides the best of both worlds – large coverage distances of up to 50 kilometers under LOS conditions and typical cell radii of up to 5 miles/8 km ...
WiMAX Capacity
SR Telecom
This white paper discusses factors influencing system capacity in IEEE 802.16 networks. IEEE 802.16, commonly known by its industry forum moniker of WiMAX, is a wireless protocol intended for establishing metropolitan area networks that supply broadband data and voice services. The present standards document, IEEE 802.16-2004 as amended by IEEE 802.16- 2005, is more accurately regarded as a ...
Comparing WiMAX™ and HSPA+
HSPA+ or HSPA Evolved is the next step in the 3GPP evolution. With 3GPP Rel-7 and Rel-8, several new features are added to this 3G WCDMA technology, including enhancements to increase peak and average sector throughput. By incorporating higher order modulation, MIMO and multi-carrier capability, HSPA peak rate performance more closely matches that of WiMAX Forum® Release-1 products that have been ...
WiMAX Commercial Launch
Bridgewater Systems
f Ensure a smooth commercial launch f Get the right building blocks for a fully interoperable network f Keep ahead of competition as you grow What Keeps Operators Up At Night? No matter whether big or small, in a developed market or an emerging one, targeting fixed subscribers or mobile subscribers, all WiMAX™ operators face similar challenges. Subscribers have come to expect the same reliable ...
Axxcelera WiMAX in Poland
Axxcelera Broadband Wireless.
Axxcelera Forward to Cyberbajt Case Study The case study below was prepared by Cyberbajt and is republished in its entirety with permis- sion. Cyberbajt Technologies is solely responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this case study in its original language. Translation and editing has been performed to facilitate a wider audience. Every deployment is different and subject to variations ...

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What is WiMAX ANADIGICS What is WiMAX? Where does it stand in the market? How does ANADIGICS play into this market? Joe Cozzarelli, Senior Director of Broadband RF Products at ...
Proxim Wireless Interview with TMCnet – WiMax Deployment in the State of Indiana Department of Transportation Proxim Wireless

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