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Cloud VOIP Deployment
Crexendo Cloud VOIP Deployment White Paper 1. Cost Efficiency: Cloud VoIP versus Premise Solutions Building in-house platforms are expensive, with significant amounts of Capital Expense (CapEx) required to install the needed hardware and software in the core network to support Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In addition, there is significant cost associated with ongoing operations and ...
Self-Paced Migration to a VoIP Enterprise
Aastra USA
As enterprises continue to migrate to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), service providers are offering value-added voice services that will transform the way we use the broadband network. One such service is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking. SIP trunking is expected to grow at a rate of 58.4% over the next six years (Frost & Sullivan, 2006). The service will enable an enterprise to ...
DOUBLE your PROFIT from VoIP Network Operations
Double your Profits from VoIP Network Operations Double your profits from VoIP Network Operations? You need switches & routers to switch or route calls, billing systems, of course – these are the basic building blocks. But why should we spend money on tools & monitoring systems when Wireshark is free? “The Palladion product clearly is the most advanced monitoring product we’ve seen. We use it ...
SIP or Hosted Business VoIP? Choosing the right VoIP solution for your business.
TouchTone Communications
So you’ve made the decision to move to VoIP. Now what? With so many VoIP service options (and providers) on the market, choosing the right business phone service can be frustrating. In the end, it comes down to either Business VoIP, a hosted PBX VoIP solution, or enterprise SIP, an on-premises SIP compliant IP phone system with SIP service. Your needs, budget, and company size will influence ...
The Case for Hosted Voip
You’re what we would call a Micro Business – under 20 employees, probably not using a PBX telephony system (Private Branch Exchange), and you may have multiple locations. If you do, it’s likely that you have different phone systems at each location and there is no integration across them. You’ve probably started hearing about VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol - and are wondering if this might ...

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2N IP Helios SIP Door Phone with LCD and Video Camera- Test Calls ABP Technology
Work smarter, not harder with Business VoIP! TouchTone Communications As a small business owner, your customers are your most valuable asset. Without them, well, you wouldn’t have a business. So how do you keep your ...

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