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Spire Security ROI White Paper: Generating Value with Continuous Security Testing and Measurement
Core Security Technologies
Efficiency and effectiveness are key tenets in managing any business group. In security, these concepts revolve around managing resources and risk. It is crucial to measure a security program to understand how efficient and effective it is. There are four key challenges to traditional penetration testing that can make it inefficient and ineffective: 1) only a fraction of the enterprise is tested, ...
Packet Network Readiness: Testing and Verifying IEEE 1588-2008 Packet Synchronization
Learn more about the importance of efficiently and accurately testing, measuring and analyzing PTP data to assure IEEE 1588 network readiness. This paper focuses on emerging new solutions for measuring packet synchronization and the requirements needed to ensure a consistent, predictable, measurable level of PTP network quality.
Test Stimulus for Power Amplifiers in Cellular and PCS Systems
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
See why using a genuine digitally modulated signal as a stimulus is a simple method of generating real time stimulus and ZebraTM used in testing the performance of a power amplifier for cellular and PCS systems.
Test Stimulus for Power Amplifiers Gains in Cellular/PCS Designs
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Code-Division-Multiple-Access (CDMA) systems are placing new demands on component manufactures, test equipment, and measurement techniques. Requirements for the suppression of adjacent-channel power (ACP) have become more stringent than those required by older analog systems.
Take the WLAN Test Challenge
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
The installation of an 802.11b Wireless LAN system to cover a large office setting can be very challenging and techniques found in cellular system engineering are often required. WLAN systems have the added complexity of operating in an unlicensed band where interference may not be under control of the WLAN manager, and the WLAN often operates in a harsher indoor RF environment. Large WLAN ...

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MTT: Modular Test Tollkit Overview Sunrise Telecom Incorporated Comprehensive Telecom Network Handheld Test Set\n\nThe explosive growth of Internet traffic over telecom lines includes business-critical voice, data, and ...
STT 40G: OTN OTU3, SDH STM-256, SONET OC-768 Test Set with 10G 10.7G Drop and Insert Port Sunrise Telecom Incorporated Comprehensive 43G OTN and 40G SDH/SONET Testing The versatile and powerful STT 40G takes Sunrise Telecoms Scalable Test Toolkit (STTĀ®) platform to a new ...

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