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Environmental, Health and Safety Software Our Top 3 Vendors
IBS America, Inc.
IBS America, Inc. featured as a top Environmental, Health and Safety Software vendor
Risk Mitigation in Refineries and Chemical Plants - White paper
Intertek Group plc
Risk Mitigation When Implementing New Process Technologies in Refineries and Chemical Plants Robert P. Absil, Intertek PARC Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA Technical risks in the biodiesel and oil & refining industries are discussed. Pilot plant testing is considered an independent protection layer to reduce technical risk when implementing new process technologies in refineries and chemical ...
Leverage Active Directory with Kerberos to Eliminate HTTP Password
PistolStar, Inc.
The beauty of having various business applications to execute critical tasks and communicate effectively is that they make the workday more efficient and productive. However, the ugly truth is that the efficiency and productivity gained through automation can be impacted because of security requirements, i.e. the need to authenticate every time an application is opened.
Accurate System Level Design with Low Noise Amplifier’s BlackBox Models
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
System level simulations are not easy. Adding individual integrated or discrete component’s foundry/supplier kits to the system simulation adds complexity. Through Skyworks’ BlackBox model for the low noise figure SKY67151-396LF LNA, which does not include any extra modeling kits, customers can accurately simulate and predict small and large signal performance.
Trends and developments for Warranty Management Systems
IBS America, Inc.
This copyrighted document is the property of confluentes e.V. and is disclosed in confidence. It may not be copied, disclosed to others, or used for manufacturing, without the prior written consent of confluentes e.V. It is commented by one or more representatives of confluentes e.V. and only valid in the context of a presentation. Please note that no adjustments to figures nor calculations have ...

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Redhill Manufacturing Ltd Document Redhill Manufacturing Ltd The world's first self-supporting sack truck
Redhill Manufacturing Ltd Document Redhill Manufacturing Ltd Designed for transporting of 210 ltr tight head drums this product has spring loaded hardened steel jaws that grip the chimb or rim of the drum to allow ...

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