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Risk Mitigation in Refineries and Chemical Plants - White paper
Intertek Group plc
Risk Mitigation When Implementing New Process Technologies in Refineries and Chemical Plants Robert P. Absil, Intertek PARC Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA Technical risks in the biodiesel and oil & refining industries are discussed. Pilot plant testing is considered an independent protection layer to reduce technical risk when implementing new process technologies in refineries and chemical ...
Leased Line Replacement Equals Significant Savings
BridgeWave Communications
Due to competitive market pressures, businesses are increasingly looking to IT departments to improve productivity and control costs. Examine the benefits of replacing leased line circuits with affordable gigabit Ethernet wireless links.
FlexPort®: Mobile Backhaul Platform - The Evolution of Backhaul
BridgeWave Communications
The evolution from 2G/3G mobile networks to 4G creates challenges for operators that go well beyond the adoption of new handset air- interface technologies. Find out how one 4G platform sets the new standard for 4G wireless backhaul solutions by delivering future-proof multi-gigabit capacity and an optimal subscriber performance experience with minimal costs.
80 GHz Technology Comparison
BridgeWave Communications
The cost and performance benefits of 80 GHz links compared to short-haul 18-38 GHz licensed frequency band products. As service providers and private network operators seek cost effective solutions to high capacity connectivity, wireless systems are ideal because of their flexibility, speed of deployment, and lower overall life-cycle costs compared to leased-line services. This paper discusses ...
FlexPort® µWave: A Better Approach to High-Capacity Microwave Backhaul
BridgeWave Communications
This white paper will discuss how traditional microwave radios have coped with squeezing extra bandwidth from their platforms. There are several methods that have been employed over the years to accomplish this. These technologies have produced varied degrees of success, and their respective advantages and limitations are discussed accordingly. An innovative and more efficient technology is ...

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The KORE Network: Fully Managed and Designed exclusively for M2M Quality Service KORE Telematics Danny Thomas, EVP Technology and Service Operations - explains the keys to designing and building the highest availability, purpose-built M2M Services ...
RADWIN 5000 Mobility for Vehicles in Motion RADWIN

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