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Packaging Challenges in High Performance Computing
Tessera, Inc.
Over the past half century, the semiconductor industry has been at the forefront of technological progress as demonstrated by its own products and what they have made possible. The main areas of improvement include functionality per unit volume, speed of performance, power consumed per unit performance, cost per function, etc. The bulk of the credit goes to the miniaturization and integration at ...
Package Reliability Using µPILR in Stacking and Flip Chip
Tessera, Inc.
The proliferation of handheld electronics has put a premium on the miniaturization of microelectronics, especially single and multiple device packages. This miniaturization has been achieved largely through application of Chip Scale Packaging (CSP), which makes it possible to reduce the pitch of the second level interconnects (solder balls). This paper will discuss a new interconnect solution, ...
Reliability of Fine-Pitch Flip Chip Packages
Tessera, Inc.
A new low-cost flip-chip technology that leverages the existing fine pitch flip-chip technologies is discussed. For decades, the C4 process has served as the main interconnect method in the flip-chip package. However with bump pitches shrinking, the solder bump based C4 process is facing challenges in terms of reducing pitch and underfill process. At the same time, increasing challenges for ...
Reliability of µPILR Packages under Shock Loading
Tessera, Inc.
Portable consumer electronics is a critical market segment for modern electronics devices which includes lightweight systems such as cell phone, laptop computer, PDA, etc. Due to an ever increasing demand for integration of higher functionality, miniaturization is a parallel ongoing trend for design of microelectronics packages used in such devices. One of the resulting challenges is maintaining ...
We report the design and measured thermal and mechanical performance of an ultra-low-power physics package for a Chip-Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC). This physics package will enable communications and navigation systems that require a compact, low-power atomic frequency standard.

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Digital Asset Management Demo - Widen Media Collective Widen Enterprises, Inc. Check out this digital asset management demo of the Widen Media Collective version 6.0 to get a sense of the general user experience for searching, ...
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