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Kyrion™ Management offers entire operational ecosystem control for Kyrion video head end. The Solution enables those operators to significantly reduce operational expenses and to generate new business opportunities by managing their entire digital operational environment with one single powerful platform. Designed & supplied by the vendor-independent NMS expert Skyline Communications, DataMiner ...
Choosing the Right Enterprise Network Management Solution
Enterprise networks are growing in complexity and size with globalization, outsourcing, and wireless expanding the reach of the network beyond its traditional design parameters. IT departments are tasked with ensuring that applications and services run well across both private and public networks. Add to that ongoing application and data center projects such as virtualization and cloud computing ...
MRV Enterprise Wide Network Management with the OptiSwitch®-MR - Case Study
MRV’s OptiSwitch-MR supports a robust set of features suitable for enterprise networks. Managing one of these switches is relatively simple using the Command Line Interface (CLI) or Web-based management. However, typical enterprise networks have 10s or even 100s of OptiSwitch-MR switches. Managing each switch individually can quickly become a heavy burden. MRV’s MegaVision Pro supports various ...
ROI for Network Performance Management
Network Instruments, LLC
Besides being technically savvy, today’s network professionals must be aware of the business factors surrounding their department’s activities and responsibilities. This means two things – becoming aware of the way in which the networking team supports the business directly, and understanding how to characterize your infrastructure equipment and management technology investments in terms of ...
Ensuring Business Continuity Through Effective Network Asset Management
Visionael Corporation.
After waking up January 1, 2000 to a lack of major world crises, many organizations have since allowed preparations for disaster recovery and business continuity to slip down their list of IT priorities. And, despite the terror attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, and attendant fears of subsequent biological warfare and other terrorism attacks, many companies have still maintained ...

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The KORE Network: Fully Managed and Designed exclusively for M2M Quality Service KORE Telematics Danny Thomas, EVP Technology and Service Operations - explains the keys to designing and building the highest availability, purpose-built M2M Services ...
Quick Phone Feature Tutorial: Call Forwarding iCore Networks, Inc. This video covers one of our many phone features on our advanced platform, Broadworks, and goes over call forwarding setup through your personal web ...

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