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Meeting the Challenge of Big Data Log Management
The huge volume of log data generated by today’s enterprises presents IT professionals with both a challenge and an opportuni- ty. The challenge is managing large amounts of unstructured data. The opportunity is turning that data into actionable insights that can have a meaningful impact on the business or organization. Sumo Logic’s log management service employs several tech- nologies that meet ...
The Hidden Security Threat – When Ex-Employees Represent a Security Risk
Kaspersky Lab
From the laid-off to the disgruntled, ex-employees with an axe to grind can make companiesvulnerable to data theft. Kaspersky Lab security evangelist Ryan Naraine discusses the threat and offers practical advice to prevent data loss.
Comparative Review: Practical Business Endpoint Security
Kaspersky Lab
The business endpoint security market is changing at a surprisingly rapid clip, especially considering how relatively mature it is. While established brand names may provide subjective reassurance, buyers who look beyond the brands to products’ quantitative capabilities may discover less-familiar options that are a better fit for their enterprises. In our continued testing of security ...
How IBM Calculates the Financial Value of Sustainability - Sustainability Spotlight
Technology Business Research (TBR)
TBR believes companies should view sustainability as a business asset that carries substantial financial value. While many firms simply do not view it that way, even in the information technology industry, IBM is a true industry leader when it comes to the quantification of the financial impact of sustainability. Over the past five years, the company has spent $157 million in capital and $508 ...
Testing for customer experience
Investments in IT systems are primarily oriented towards reducing the ‘go to market’ time or cost. In some cases, companies do quantify an expected increase in revenues along with reduction in costs and turnaround time. This takes place as part of their analysis of weighing options while allocating budgets for improving their IT infrastructure. It translates to either purchase of additional ...

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