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Rapidsoft Systems Inc.
Securing its business information is critical for every organization. We almost on daily basis hear or read about high profile attacks on corporate and government web sites. Bank computers are broken every year and important account data and credit card data is stolen by criminals. Besides having business and financial impact resulting from these attacks - there are legal issues resulting from ...
Driving Profitability through Information Security
Many organizations view information security as a necessary expense but miss out on improving their business operations by using these same tools. Find out how your organization can improve productivity and profitability via information security products.
Information Security Policies and ISO 27001 certification
Information Shield
Using Information Shield publications for ISO/IEC 27001 certification In this paper we discuss the role of information security policies within an information security management program, and how Information Shield publications can assist organizations seeking certification against the newly-released ISO/IEC 27001. Before the international information security standard known as ISO 17799, there ...
Top 10 Information Security Threats for 2010
Perimeter E-Security
2010 is upon us. I am amazed that it has been a decade since all the fear and speculation of Y2K. Take a moment to review your personal technological transformation in the last 10 years. Were you using a mobile phone 10 years ago? Could you live without it today? How about how far the Internet has come and your reliance upon it? Did you ever imagine you would use technologies like Facebook and ...
The Importance of Documenting Information Security Roles and Responsibilities
Information Shield
Examine the major reasons why an organization should establish clear information security roles and responsibilities, and how to increase management awareness of the information security staffing requirements.

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