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Fiber Optic Technology
Black Box Network Services
Read key principles, characteristics, types, and construction of fiber, and discover how the many advantages may make it the ideal choice for your network. Fiber optic cable is ideal for high-data-rate systems such as Gigabit Ethernet, multimedia, and Fiber Channel, or any other network that requires the transfer of large, bandwidth-consuming data files, particularly over long distances.
Video Imaging
Ortiva Wireless
Video/Imaging DesignLine | Mobile video streaming quality and system design for best QoE 12/5/07 4:20 PM November 02, 2007 Mobile video streaming quality and system design for best QoE What are the key factors influencing perceived quality for streaming mobile video and affecting QoE? Here are some methods for addressing these variables to enhance a subscriber's overall video viewing ...
Secure and Reliable Utility Telecomm Networks
Sycamore Networks
Secure and Reliable Utility Telecom Networks Strengthening Underlying Telecom Infrastructure in Today’s Risk-Sensitive Environment In the aftermath of 9/11 and other international terrorist attacks, high-profile power blackouts in the U.S. and abroad, and simulated cyber attacks on critical infrastructure (e.g., the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Aurora experiment and the large-scale, ...
Proven Operational Benefits and Business Value of Optical Switched Networks
Sycamore Networks
Proven Operational Benefits and Business Value of Optically Switched Networks State-of-the-art optical networking intelligence is simplifying end-to- end service provisioning, enhancing bandwidth agility, and reducing operational costs in some of the world’s most innovative networks. This white paper uses real-world examples from large-scale optical mesh networks to illustrate the tangible ...
CWDM Technology
Smart phone mobile data and video requirements have caused bandwidth demands at cell sites to explode. This whitepaper provides a brief technical overview of CWDM, demonstrating how coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) systems can provide quick, economical capacity relief for many applications such as those driven by wireless systems.

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What Does AvaLAN Do? AvaLAN Wireless Find out how AvaLAN is solving everyday problems.
m-Power: Web application development tool mrc m-Power is a web application development tool to automates application development and modernizes legacy applications.

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