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NetMotion Wireless
Mobile field initiatives deliver tangible benefits in increased productivity and improved customer service. A mobile virtual private network (VPN) such as Mobility XE™ from NetMotion Wireless is the key to achieving best practices in a deployment and realizing the full benefit of the investment. It provides secure, reliable network connections for mobile workers; builds worker acceptance to ...
Why Smartphone is The Best Tool for Cutting Field Service Costs and Increasing Productivity.pdf
An attractive offering, high-quality products and satisfied customers are all factors that may contribute to your success. Two of these are clearly related to the work of field staff. Field employees are responsible for high service quality, since they maintain your network infrastructure, to ensure access to all services adhering to contracted service level agreements (SLA). For customers, field ...
How exactly will you benefit from deploying FSM
One of the major problems in any company initiatives is to involve the entire company and achieve collective success through IT project. Customer satisfaction is now the main element in service providers’ strategy. All IT systems and de- partments have to be customer centric. It is not possible to do it without the engagement of all actors into the IT project. Field service management tools often ...
The Business Case for GPS Fleet Tracking
The Business Case for GPS-Based Fleet Tracking Services The Aberdeen Group, one of America’s most trusted names in business intelligence, has been researching the internal pressures and external market conditions that are driving organizations with mobile workforces to adopt location-based information technology as a means to increase profitability. The information compiled here provides a ...
10 ways to optimize your satellite broadband business
How can you enhance your offer, while simultaneously reducing costs? How can you optimize your satellite business to provide a seamless experience for end- customers? How can you efficiently manage your workforce and increase customer satisfaction?

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What is KORE's M2M Value Proposition KORE Telematics Robert Metzler EVP, Sales ans Marketing explains how KORE excels as a trusted partner for M2M deployments with best coverage, optimized pricing, ...
BridgeWave’s product lines: an overview. BridgeWave Communications Randy Montoya of BridgeWave Communications presenting an overview of BridgeWave’s product lines at APCO 2013 in Anaheim, CA (August 19, 2013).

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