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GlobeCast enjoys successful 2010

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Global content broadcaster GlobeCast (Paris, France), a subsidiary of France Telecom, is one of the bright silver linings of 2010, a year otherwise marred by a sluggish global economy “recovering” from the Great Recession (recovering?). How were they successful? [Read more]


Digital Broadcasting Research Library

A Technique for Digital Information Broadcasting Using SCA Channels
EDX Wireless LLC
Learn how a simple technique using the SCA (Subsidiary Communications Authorization) channel authorized for use in FM and TV broadcasting will provide a one-way digital transmission channel for teletext-type service.
Digital Signage K-12
Black Box Network Services
Learn all about digital signage for K–12 schools, including how to benefit from it, plan it, and identify the right system for your needs. This white paper covers the various levels of system options and ideas on how to fund your digital signage.
The Roadmap to Digital Signage Success
Black Box Network Services
Ask the right questions before beginning your digital signage project. This 11-page paper, The Roadmap to Digital Signage Success: Everything You Need to Ask When Planning and Evaluating Digital Signage, will help you navigate through the often complex process of evaluating and choosing a signage system and vendor. Developed with the Digital Signage Experts Group, a vendor-neutral provider of ...
Process Automation for Digital Content
Signiant, Inc.
Across the globe, virtually every industry that has digital content is in the midst of an enormous transition. Whether it is the transition from physical distribution to digital distribution, for archiving, for indexing, for business-to-business transactions or for end-user consumer product fulfillment, every aspect of how companies manage the distribution of digital content is being examined. ...
A Beginner's Guide to Digital Signage
Black Box Network Services
On the surface, digital signage might seem like simplicity itself. But dynamic signage in the business environment is exponentially more complicated for a number of reasons. Learn how you can use digital signage to boost sales and improve communications within your business or institution. The white paper covers who benefits from digital signage, the business models and cases for it, and how ...

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