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GlobeCast enjoys successful 2010

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Global content broadcaster GlobeCast (Paris, France), a subsidiary of France Telecom, is one of the bright silver linings of 2010, a year otherwise marred by a sluggish global economy “recovering” from the Great Recession (recovering?). How were they successful? [Read more]


Digital Broadcasting Research Library

A Technique for Digital Information Broadcasting Using SCA Channels
EDX Wireless LLC
Learn how a simple technique using the SCA (Subsidiary Communications Authorization) channel authorized for use in FM and TV broadcasting will provide a one-way digital transmission channel for teletext-type service.
Process Automation for Digital Content
Signiant, Inc.
Across the globe, virtually every industry that has digital content is in the midst of an enormous transition. Whether it is the transition from physical distribution to digital distribution, for archiving, for indexing, for business-to-business transactions or for end-user consumer product fulfillment, every aspect of how companies manage the distribution of digital content is being examined. ...
IPTV Content Aggregation With S75 and S75CA DVB-S Receivers
Novra Technologies Inc
The purpose of this document is to describe the use of Novra Technologies Inc. S75-PRO satellite receiver (MPEG video forwarder) and/or S75CA (MPEG video forwarder) satellite receiver with DVB conditional access common interface for multicast distribution of satellite TV streams onto corporate LANs, cable TV head-ends or IPTV head-ends. The S75-PRO/S75CA provides a compact, economical solution ...
Managed File Transfers - Beyond WAN Optimization for Digital Media
Signiant, Inc.
Business models are constantly being evaluated and new services are being offered. Large media conglomerates are implementing Media 360 programs, where content is made available on multiple distribution venues (e.g. terrestrial TV, satellite, broadband, mobile, etc.) and devices. IPTV initiatives are well underway and the worldwide movement for being connected via broadband is progressing ...
ACR Creating Content-Aware ecosystems
Automatic Content Recognition is the Catalyst for Content Consumption in the Living Room : driving interaction, monetisation and creativity The way people watch TV is changing rapidly. What used to be a passive and lean-back experience is now becoming an interactive and engaging experience. Consumers use their 2nd screen devices - such as smart phones, tablets, laptops - to search, interact and ...

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AvaLAN Wireless AW5800HTP PAIR AvaLAN Wireless New Long Range 5Mbps Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge Pair from AvaLAN Wireless
Meet iCore Networks' Recruiting Manager iCore Networks, Inc. Arlene Hamdan talks about recruiting and working at iCore Networks.

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