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White Paper: Data management in telecoms
Data Management in Telecoms – From Asset to Revenue By discussing three areas of data management – data consolidation and optimization, Customer Experience Management and new business models – and presenting a conceptual structure for data usage, this paper outlines how operators’ ever-growing data assets can be transformed into revenue streams. telecom operators have reached a turning point. ...
Data Management Solution: Build vs. Buy
Raima Inc.
"Build v"Build vs. Buy" requires close examination to determine the best strategy for meeting your product's embedded data management needs. Learn how to perform careful analysis of functional needs, expertise, quality, market timing, support, maintenance, product life, and cost to make the best business decision.
Data Management Solution: Build vs. Buy
Raima Inc.
A key decision when determining the best strategy for meeting your product’s embedded data management needs is the age old “Build versus Buy” question. In order to make an intelligent decision your organization will need to perform a careful analysis of the many requirements of your application. Some things to consider include: functional needs, expertise, quality, market timing, support and ...
Data Management in Set-Top Box Electronic Programming Guides
McObject LLC
The electronic programming guide (EPG) enables digital television users to search, filter and customize program listings and even control access to content. These capabilities entail significant real-time data management, and a handful of vendors have incorporated commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) databases in their set-top boxes. This report presents lessons learned in such projects, mapping ...
Advanced Data Management for MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming)
Versant Corp
MMOG's (massive multi-player online games) fall firmly into the category of the most demanding applications in the world. MMOG requirements such as: real-time response, millions of users, thousands of concurrent connections and increasingly complex simulation models intertwined with increasingly unique billing requirements all coupled with growing amounts of data requiring high availability, ...

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Commvault data management CommVault
Database Indexes: R-Trees for Mapping and Geospatial Software McObject LLC McObject CEO Steve Graves reviews the R-Tree, one of the best database indexes for data searches in geospatial and mapping applications. From a free ...

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