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The Convergence of Physical and Logical Security
Honeywell International Inc
Although traditionally separate entities, physical and logical security departments in the government sector are successfully joining forces to provide organizations with the maximum amount of protection. Is your organization ready to take advantage of convergence by integrating disparate security efforts? Two Worlds, One Mission All enterprises commission their physical and logical security ...
Digital Rights Management
Artists and studio understand the power of digital distribution of content with the dramatic success of personal entertainment devices such as the Apple iPOD. Anxious to embrace this revolutionary and highly effective channel, content owners and service providers are embracing digital distribution using a wide variety of digital rights management (DRM) technologies such as Apple's proprietary ...
SIP or Hosted Business VoIP? Choosing the right VoIP solution for your business.
TouchTone Communications
So you’ve made the decision to move to VoIP. Now what? With so many VoIP service options (and providers) on the market, choosing the right business phone service can be frustrating. In the end, it comes down to either Business VoIP, a hosted PBX VoIP solution, or enterprise SIP, an on-premises SIP compliant IP phone system with SIP service. Your needs, budget, and company size will influence ...
Converged TDM and IP-Based Broadband Solutions
Patton Electronics
Converged TDM and IP- Based Broadband Solutions White Paper OnSite™ OS-10 Multi-Service over SDH Provisioning Copyright Copyright © 2009, Patton Electronics Company. All rights reserved. Overview Patton's OS-10 series of µMSPP platforms enable you to meet the full range of leased line access network requirements for business users. The OS-10 series is a family of high value access platforms ...
Cloud VOIP Deployment
Crexendo Cloud VOIP Deployment White Paper 1. Cost Efficiency: Cloud VoIP versus Premise Solutions Building in-house platforms are expensive, with significant amounts of Capital Expense (CapEx) required to install the needed hardware and software in the core network to support Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In addition, there is significant cost associated with ongoing operations and ...

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Next-Generation SmartNode T1/E1/PRI and ESBR Series Patton Electronics
Preventing Client Misassociations AirTight Networks In this short video we will look at how enterprises better manage their Wi-Fi users and ensure that they do not unwittingly put the enterprise network at ...

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