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RFID: Building a bridge for Asset Management and Asset Security
Vector Networks
In today’s justifiable climate of concern over asset and data losses, money could be spent reactively on asset and data security solutions. The pressure for action is particularly powerful for bodies that are publicly accountable. But at Vector we believe that diligence in addressing risk can and should be accompanied with effort to achieve broader benefit from the spending of taxpayer’s or ...
Driving Down Software Costs with Software Asset Optimization
Vector Networks
For many organizations, efforts to improve software management start with an audit which is driven by a concern to ensure license compliance and safety from prosecution. However, this is a largely negative reason for investing time and money into an audit. In contrast, a balanced program of pro-active software asset management procedures can provide most organizations with financial savings ...
RFID and the Mainstream Supply
The new excitement in RFID is about long- range, passive RFID tags that can achieve the needed pricing and performance levels for the maximum return on investment (ROI). Numerous articles detail the vision of a future where RFID tags are placed on everything from machine parts to cereal boxes, totally automating the supply chain process. It’s clear that this level of deployment is an attainable ...
Digital Asset Management: The Heart of Any ECM Solution
Widen Enterprises, Inc.
It is now common for companies to generate huge amounts of digital content on a daily basis. With this influx in content comes the need for effective organization and management. Implementing a Digital Asset Management solution can help organizations make effective use of their information and digital assets while storing them as unformatted or XML files and rendering them in the appropriate ...
Digital Asset Management (DAM): What to Know Before You Go!
Widen Enterprises, Inc.
The decision to implement a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is a positive step in the right direction to gaining operational and intellectual control of your digital assets and is not one to be taken lightly. Learn the best questions to ask yourself, your team, your department, and your organization before you go with Digital Asset Management!

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