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Navman Wireless GPS Tracking Improving Safety and Efficiencies in Transporting Special Needs Children
KORE Telematics
The Provider Enterprises, Inc. contracts with over 50 school districts in the state of New Hampshire to transport more than 1,500 special needs students to and from school on a daily basis. Dispatching the company’s 178 buses was tedious and cumbersome, requiring the use of a radio and constant manual checks to ensure buses with wheelchair lifts were dispatched when necessary. A more efficient ...
Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge
AvaLAN Wireless
One company needed to expand into a new facility and retain access at the old facility over their leased T1 lines. Costly T1 lines and limited capacity made this a non-viable option. See how they were able to avoid interference for maximum signal strength and data throughput.
iCore Networks, Inc.
A BUSINESS CASE FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE (VDI) DEPLOYMENTS A BUSINESS CASE FOR VIRTUAL DESKTOP INFRASTRUCTURE DEPLOYMENTS Introduction Now more than ever, the typical employee is no longer tied to their desk and are constantly moving between their home office, client sites and satellite offices. This mobile trend is requiring employees access to their applications and data from any ...
Benchmarking Performance Mapping the road to success
Telmar Network Technology
This paper examines how benchmarking can impact network performance and ultimately revenue production in the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) telecommunications market. Since the 1980s, the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region has undergone significant growth and change in the telecommunications sector. Most notably, during the last decade, Russia and most of ...

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KORE Telematics Communications

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iCore Toolbar Sneak Peak iCore Networks, Inc. Take a look at one of our products for a quick demo: the iCore Toolbar
What is KORE's M2M Value Proposition KORE Telematics Robert Metzler EVP, Sales ans Marketing explains how KORE excels as a trusted partner for M2M deployments with best coverage, optimized pricing, ...

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